Blue Roses

Let me clear something up: There is no arguing with me. I will try to educate and debate a person, and I will listen, but I will not fight when it comes to my beliefs. Why is this? Because I wholeheartedly believe I am right and that I fall on the correct side of morality and humanity. It does not occur to me that I am not, and if you are aggressive or dismissive, it only reinforces where I stand.

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    but if they truly believed their beliefs then even when opposing ideas are presented they can look at these ideas and...
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    oh probably. I find most people just refuse to allow their beliefs to be challenged though, they literally cannot handle...
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    Being condescending is sweet, but justa lil silly - You say you listen and discuss, while pointing out that you won’t...
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    Reading is super hard for some people, I get that. You must have missed the part where I said I would listen, educate,...
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